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From September 6 to 11, 2019, the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), the world’s leading exhibition of consumer electronics, will be held in Berlin, Germany. Taking this opportunity, J-Startup office will exhibit the Japan Pavilion at the IFA/NEXT exhibition, a special side event of the IFA, bringing together worldwide startups, cutting-edge IT companies and other businesses. In 2019, the IFA, a historic exhibition held since 1924, launched a new system of partner country designation under the framework of the IFA/NEXT exhibition, a new effort in its storied history, and Japan has become the first partner country for the IFA/NEXT exhibition. Taking advantage of this exhibition, J-Startup office will support Japanese startups selected under the J-Startup Program called “J-Startups” and other Japanese companies in developing business overseas by providing them with opportunities for conveying their innovations from Japan at the first partner country IFA/NEXT exhibition to the rest of the world.

1. Purpose

On April 27, 2019, taking the opportunity of the IFA 2019 Global Press Conference (GPC) held in Andalusia, the Kingdom of Spain, METI made a statement that Japan will become the first partner country for the IFA/NEXT exhibition.

The IFA/NEXT exhibition is a special side event exclusively for innovations of the IFA, bringing together worldwide startups, R&D institutes, cutting-edge IT companies, and other businesses. The Japan Pavilion to be exhibited at the site of this exhibition will showcase products of 20 Japanese companies, including J-Startups.

Through showcasing such products at the Japan Pavilion, J-Startup office will strive to suggest ideal approaches to new user interfaces through which any and all users, including the elderly, are able to enjoy benefits brought about by digital technologies as they are facing the further advancement of the digital economy, and it will also encourage the companies participating in the exhibition to win overseas markets and cultivate new businesses by conveying Japanese innovations to the rest of the world.

2. Outline of the exhibition

- Title: The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA)
- Date: From September 6 (Fri.) to 11 (Wed.), 2019; from 10:00 to 18:00 every day
- Host city: Berlin, Germany
- Venue: Messe Berlin (international trade fair grounds in Berlin)
- Exhibition site: IFA NEXT (Hall 26)
- Concept for the exhibition: Interface with Consideration and Sensibility: - Express ideal approaches to new human-machine interfaces based on Japan’s uniqueness as a novel way forward to a society where cyber space and physical space are integrated in a sophisticated manner -

Participating companies and outlines of their displays (in alphabetical order)

Aeronext inc.

Aeronext, a drone architecture research lab, invented and license its original gravity control technology that improves drone’s stability.

Center of Gravity Control Technology ”4D GRAVITY®”

Aeronext invented ”4D GRAVITY®”, the center of gravity control technology, that dramatically improves drone’s stability and productivity and conducts its license business globally. Aeronext has announced several concept models for specific industrial use cases, ”Next” series, such as for delivery, inspection and aerial photography.


DFree is the first toilet timing predicting device, which helps people who have urinary problem by notifying when they need to go to toilet.


The toilet timing predicting device, DFree helps people who have urinary problem. DFree sensors use ultrasound to continuously monitor the bladder size, and it will show via an app and notify the timing for urination. DFree has been used by more than 2000 users and 200 nursing home in Japan, US and France.

Dynamic Map Platform Co.,Ltd.

Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. was founded on June 13, 2017 as a business company that provides high-precision three-dimensional map data.

high-precision3D map data

Introducing the high-precision 3-dimensional location information platform that uses advanced positioning technology, measurement technology, mapping technology, and data integration technology, and boasts centimeter-class precision. Our high-precision fundamental maps already cover 29,205 km of expressways and motorways in Japan.

Empath Inc.

Empath develops emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of the language.


Empath develops emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of the language. Empath SDK and API have been adopted by more than 1,700 customers over 50 countries in various business fields such as call center, robotics, automobiles and mental health.

Idein Inc.

Idein is developing an IoT platform which links various physical events and data to the web by deep learning inference on low-price devices.


Actcast is an IoT platform service which links events and data in the physical world to the Web with deep learning inference on edge devices. It utilizes the concept of edge computing which can significantly reduce costs for data transfer and servers and decrease leakage risk of privacy and confidential information.


Blockchain company with an international developers team. We are promoting practical applications of blockchain technology to businesses.


The main goal of this project is to create an ecosystem where customers can track, be rewarded for the electricity they produce in their homes and use the rewarded tokens for charging electric vehicles at the charging stations.


ispace is developing a lunar lander and lunar rovers to the Moon. In 2021, the company will attempt its first lunar landing.

Lunar rover

Our rover is the world's smallest and most lightweight planetary exploration rover. The rover is capable of: resisting the strong vibration during launch, generating energy using solar panels, maintaining communication link between Earth and the Moon, and detecting surrounding obstacles with its sophisticated camera system.

Langualess co.

Our vision is to implement "Language-less Communication" a new way to communicate based on bio-sensing. This technology will empower us to overcome the frustration where words aren't good enough to deliver our feelings. We will expand the possibility of empathy through our new HRV analysis system, and enable a future where even animals and humans can communicate with each other worldwide.

INUPATHY dog mood sensor

Dogs and humans have lived together for 30,000 years. Since then we have not changed the way we communicate. Langless is the first in the world to develop a technology to visualize the mental state of a dog from its' heart rate information. INUPATHY is a device designed for dog owners to have a better understanding with their dog. The owner will become aware of small daily joys and stresses, and by understanding their dog deeper, we will support living with his dog.

mui Lab,Inc.

mui Lab is an IoT design startup that develops “calm” interfaces for peaceful digital living.

Height Marking in Wood

“Hashira no Kioku (Height Marking in Wood)” is an art system consisting of a wooden column and a digital pen. When Wacom’s digital pen is used to mark a child’s height on the post, the system automatically displays the measurement in the form of a line on the post and in numerical value on an adjacent box.

NeU Corporation

NeU, a Brain Science company, has developed a range of wearable optical topography devices using NIRS technology to measure brain activity.

ExBrain XB-01

The XB-01: the world’s SMALLEST & LIGHTEST wearable brain activity measuring device! Weighing only 30 grams (battery included) + Bluetooth 4.1LE to transfer data to smartphones, the XB-01 is a “neuro-feedback solution” that can be used for brain training while visualizing brain activity in real-time by ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Pixie Dust Technologies ,Inc.

Pixie Dust Technologies is promoting research and development to solve social issues based our Hagen technology (wave control technology).

Holographic Whisper

The product presented here is a speaker that deliver sound to a target person by controlling ultrasonic waves. The audible sound sources are generated in air by high-amplitude ultrasound modulated by audible sound. This technology avoids fusion of sound environments directed for different persons in a public space.

QD Laser,Inc.

A pioneer in the commercialization of quantum dot laser technology, The company delivers new laser and optics-based solutions to customers.


By scanning the retina with a low-intensity laser beam, “RETISSA” is able to project images directly onto the retina using a tiny projector. The technology is not easily affected by the focus of the eye, so the image stays clear regardless of the distance of the user's point of focus. Even corrective measures are not required.

Shiftall Inc.

Shiftall is specializing in agile mass-production, which launches IoT products rapidly from planning by developing HW, SW and APP in-house.


DrinkShift is a service that delivers a new beer experience to your home. Create custom beer arrangements that allow you to discover new favorites, and never run out of old ones. The DrinkShift refrigerator understands your drinking lifestyle and automatically schedules delivery to suit your pace.

SkyDrive Inc.

SkyDrive Inc. is democratizing air travel through making affordable, reliable, and safe flying cars for the mass market.


● Concept
The world's smallest Flying car "SkyDrive" from Japan

● Features
1. VTOL enabled vehicle
2. No larger than most cars
3. Able to both fly and drive down the street
4. Highly reliable with safety record

● Roadmap
2020 - Initial test unit production and demo flights
2023 - Commercialization & consumer availability

Toppan Printing CO., LTD.

Toppan is a global provider of integrated solutions for printing, communications, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics.

Immersive Bon-Dance

We detect movements of teachers in remote areas and convert them into data. The data is transmitted together with the "Japan" space reproduced by the Hi-Vision VR, and is displayed on the display as a space that reproduces realistic Japan and as an avatar. Your avatar is also created, so you can dance with remote teachers.


UniFa has been a leading babytech start-up in Japan since 2013. More than 4000 child care centers use its IoT products & services.

LookMee Nap Check

"LookMee Nap Check" is the first IoT system dedicated to afternoon sleep check in childcare centers. In order to secure babies sleep, when they are sleeping on their stomach or if there is less motion we send an alert on tablet application. Also, babies' body directions are monitored and recorded automatically.


Unipos helps business leaders address crucial organisational issues like cross-team engagement, employee retention, and inclusion.


Unipos helps business leaders address crucial organisational issues like cross-team engagement, employee retention, and inclusion. We don't dictate or evaluate your company culture, instead we focus on the most basic human emotion - gratitude. We've helped 250+ companies globally win on their people and culture to date.

Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life.

Smart Apparel Technology 'e-skin'

The ‘e-skin’ is the next-generation smart apparel which is a comfortable, highly durable, well-insulated and machine washable man-machine interface for connecting humans with the internet. Since our whole body is covered with clothes, the e-skin is one of the most ideal interfaces to monitor our activities and vital signs.


We develop and operate "XPAND Code", new barcodes for spatial links, and related services.


"XPAND Code" is a new barcode for spatial links. It has a slim horizontal form that blends in with its surroundings for a more efficient use of space than the squared QR Code. It can be used jointly with "QR Code for close-ups", "XPAND Code for distance" without disrupting the scenery for better space usage.

Yukai Engineering

Yukai Engineering is a robotics startup that develops and sells products that make the world more “yukai” (fun) place to live.


Qoobo is a robotic cushion with a tail that wags to the user’s touch. Intended for people who cannot own a pet because of allergies and various other reasons, Qoobo uses tail wagging, a form of nonverbal communication, to tap into the user’s imagination to provide a sense of bonding and comfort.

Conceptual pictures of the Japan Pavilion